Luxury Holidays in Mykonos Island

Discerning travelers are welcome to arrange their stay at one of the exceptional Zinas villas and enjoy the most memorable luxury holidays in Mykonos island. Conveniently set in the area of Kastro, only moments away from Mykonos town, Zinas villas offer the perfect starting point for exploring all enchanting Mykonos attractions and sites while offering guests easy access to all incredible things to do in Mykonos island including shopping at Matoyanni street, canoe and kayak excursions, private sailing, water sports adventures and exhilarating island excursions.

Best Sightseeing in Mykonos

Besides the scintillating beaches, the effervescent night time scene, the scrumptious culinary proposals and vigorous atmosphere, Mykonos offers a wealth of sightseeing opportunities, including the neighborhood of Little Venice, the enchanting Chora, the whitewashed windmills, the Paraportiani Chucrh, the sacred island of Delos and several other villages and beaches worth discovering. Enjoy a truly unmatched holiday at Zinas luxury villas and let us offer you exclusive tips and advice on the best sightseeing in Mykonos.

Mykonos Island Information

The enchanting island of Mykonos in the insular complex of the Cyclades in Greece is a favorable holiday destination due to its cosmopolitan character and renowned Mykonos nightlife.  This gorgeous island beautifully combines the authentic Cycladic charm with the blue and white cubic houses, the picturesque villages and narrow alleys with a sophisticated lifestyle attracting celebrities and elite travelers from all over the world. Mykonos island in Greece is an island of contrasts from its tranquil hideaways to the crowded tourist areas, the pristine beaches in Mykonos to the best party beaches of Europe and from the scenic fishing villages to the vibrant Mykonos town scene all intermingled to create a holiday venue for all types of travelers. Simplicity, authenticity and tradition go hand in hand with luxury, grandeur and contemporary refinement offering travelers a holiday retreat for relaxing escapes and prestigious holidays.


Other than its dazzling beaches, the picturesque villages and the distinctive vibrant nightlife the island of Mykonos has many things to offer to all travelers, from archeological sites to enchanting attractions, points of interest and magical landscapes. Some of the places worth visiting while on the island of Mykonos include the following:
  • The Chora of Mykonos which is the vivacious capital of Mykonos with its cosmopolitan character, the narrow alleys, the whitewashed cubic houses, the famous nightclubs, the glamorous gourmet restaurants and designer boutique shops
  • The distinctive Windmills that are considered the island’s landmark
  • The Archeological Museum of Mykonos filled with artifacts of the Cycladic ceramic art, jewels, marble sculptures and utensils all found during excavations in the islands of Mykonos and Delos
  • The Folkloric Museum of Mykonos which houses valuable Byzantine icons, embroidery, decorative prints, antique furniture and other collections of folklore art
  • The Aegean Maritime Museum housing collections of nautical artifacts, maps and other collections of the island’s marine history
  • Paraportiani Church which is an architectural marvel actually composed by 5 different churches
  • Super Paradise Beach which is worldly famous as the most popular party beach on the island
  • Elia beach which is the longest and one of the most popular fully organized beaches on the island
  • The idyllic beach of Psarou
  • Little Venice located in Chora is the most picturesque spot on the entire island
  • The sacred island of Delos which is the birthplace of the god Apollo
  • Peter the Pelican which is considered to be the mascot of the island and can be seen walking throughout the streets of Mykonos